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Hasan H. Esenoğlu was born on 28 February 1963 in Eskişehir. finished Eskişehir Technical High School Machine Department. In 1982, he entered the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences at Istanbul University Science Faculty. He graduated in 1986 (bachelor degree) and in 1990 (master degree). In 1996 he completed his doctorate at the same university. As a Fellowship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he attended the Asiago Astrophysical Observatory of Padova University in Italy for two years before and after his doctorate. 3 years Saudi Arabia (Riyat) King Saud University Yard.Doç.Dr. (2004-07) and 5 years as Principal Investigator at TÜBİTAK National Observatory (2011-17). The articles published in the SCI indexes have been published. There are investigations on Novae, cataclysmic variable stars and meteorites. He has been currently working as an assistant professor at Istanbul University, Faculty of Science.

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