General Information


Prof. Dr. Gülriz BAYÇU KAHYAOĞLU is a senior Academician at Istanbul University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology (Istanbul, Turkey). Dr. G. BAYÇU started her academic life in Botany Division and she is currently working as a founding member of Environmental Biology and Ecology Division. She obtained her BSc degree in Biology at Middle East Technical University (METU, Ankara, Turkey) and then she attended to Istanbul University, Institute of Science, Botany (Plant Ecology) Program for MSc and PhD studies. During her Doctoral period, she was awarded a Norwegian Government Research Scholarship (NAVF) and continued her investigations at the University of Oslo, Biology Department, Botany Division (Oslo, Norway). Her main research areas include heavy metal pollution in soil and plants, hyperaccumulators, abandoned mines and phytoremediation. She has multidisciplinary collaborations with international partners including scientific research, joint thesis and Erasmus exchange activities: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) / University of Orléans (France) / Bielefeld University (Germany) / University of Oslo (Norway) / University of Hyderabad (India).

Institutional Information

Faculty of Science
Depertment of Biology
Environmental Biology and Ecology Division