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Meassuring Freedom of Expression: Journalists and Expressive Rights

2.nd International Symposium Communication in the Millenium,, İstanbul, Turkey, 1 - 04 October 2004, vol.1, pp.120-135

Snow White and Cotton Prences: How Universal Becomes Local

1st International Children Film Festival & Conference,, United States Of America, 1 - 04 March 2004, vol.1, pp.33-39

Get Into or Play Around: Regulation of Broadcasting in Turkey

Communication in the 21st Century. A Collaboration of İstanbul University Communication Faculty&Arizona State University TUSA&TAA, United States Of America, 1 - 04 March 2003, vol.1, pp.39-51

Books & Book Chapters

. “At the Intersection of Competing Modernizations: Gezi as a Litmus Test for the Democratic versus Authoritarian Public Sphere”

in: In the Aftermath of Gezi From Social Movement to Social Change?, Hemer, O., Hans-Åke Persson , Editor, Palgrave Mcmillan, Londra, pp.87-108, 2017

. “Paternalizm Discovers Youth: Giving Rights or Making Concessions”

in: Governance and Youth, "Sully, M", Editor, Institute Für Go-Governance, Viyana, pp.111-127, 2016

Turkey's Challanges

in: Covernance and Participation:the Black Sea, "Sully, M, Editor, Cato Institute For Go-Governance. Vienna, Vienna, pp.131-147, 2015

Avrupa Birliği ve Rusya’nın Güney Kafkasya Politikaları: Bölgede Barış Artık Daha mı Yakın?

in: KARADENİZ VE KAFKASYA’DA GÜVENLİK VE İŞ BİRLİĞİ, Bağçe, E., Editor, Harp Akademileri Basım Evi, İstanbul, pp.43-70, 2014

“From Rent Dependency to Production State: Liberalisation, Political Stability and Democracy in Turkey”

in: The Tax Law and The Mediterranean Area: Current Issues in the Time of the Global Crisis., "Greggi, M. Y. Edery", Editor, University At Ferrara Pub., Ferrara, pp.111-128, 2012

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