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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Theology, Phlilosophy Abd Religious Studies, Department Of Logic
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities, Theology, Philosophy of Religion and Logic

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Ismail Latif Hacinebioglu (Hacınebioğlu, İsmail Latif), Prof. Dr. (Ph.D UWL, PGCE), After Izmir IHL, graduated from Izmir DEU. Theology and Religious Studies and started M.A at Philosophy and Religious Studies while teaching at various schools. He was awarded bursary for Ph.D. at University of Wales, Lampeter, School of Philosophy, Classics, Theology and Religious Studies. He studied  with  Prof. Paul Badham and Prof. David Cockburn and did M.Phil. and completed his Ph.d on “The Logical Foundations of the Cosmological Arguments”. Then, he started teaching at Isparta SDU Theology and Religious Studies at chair Logic. Then moved to Philosophy department as head of department. He has been teaching at IU.Theology and Religious Studies at Logic chair. He is also visiting lecturer of UW. SD.Trinity College, Carmarthen, King’s College University of London, IIUM Malaysia and Bristol University Philosophy department. He researches on epistemology and ontology in philosophy of logic and concentrates problems and relations of Islamic Philosophy, Philosophy of religion ans philosophy of science. Conceptualisation and Justification in logical analysis, Demonstration/Qiyas/Reasoning is also followed up for discussions on language-truth and reality within classical and current problems on knowledge.


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