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Dr. Musa Mutlu Can obtained his PhD. from Hacettepe University at 2011. The studies of Dr. Musa Mutlu Can were based on physical properties of advance materials such as magnetic nano particles, oxide semiconductors, biomaterials/sensors and fuel cells. During his researches, he worked at Hacettepe University (Turkey), University of Delaware (USA), Sabancı University (Turkey), SPIN-CNR (Italy). In 2018, he established the "Renewable Energy and Oxide Hybrid Systems Laboratory" in Physics Department at Istanbul University. He continues his studies at Istanbul University as a professor.

Dr. Can continues to work on magnetic nanoparticles, diluted magnetic semiconductors, micro / nano-sized electrochemical sensors and electrochemical fuel cells. Currently;
He has academic projects on the use of magnetic nanoparticles in the treatment of hyperthermia, hydrogen chain technologies, micro-sized electrochemical sensors and electrochemical photocatalytic fuel cells.

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