Natural Sciences (SCI)



Dr. Müge Sayitoğlu Lab (Molecular Hematology Working Group-MOLHEM) mainly focused on the research of germline predisposition to childhood cancers, particularly leukemia and lymphoma.  We are hunting the genes that are responsible for cancer predisposition in genetic syndromes, in immunodeficiency patients or in cancer families by using next generation approaches (WES, RNA seq and targeted seq) and informatic analysis. Novel candidate genes were further examined with functional studies (cell culture models, cloning, Crispr-Cas9, protein and gene expression studies, immunofluorescent staining, cell proliferation, apoptosis etc.) These projects will enlighten the responsible gene variations in the families and will be beneficial for the identification of family members at risk, taking genetic counseling and treatment management.



MOLHEM research group also working on childhood and adult leukemias. Whole genome approaches (RNA seq, amplicon seq and SNP array) are used for to identify the patients who are eligible for targeted therapies and to identify the novel molecular risk groups of the leukemia patients. One of our projects is identification of BCR-ABL like ALL and ETV-like ALL patients with informatic analysis, particularly machine learning strategy. Other projects working on genomic characterization of mixed phenotypic leukemia patients (MPAL) and impact of differential fusion forms of BCR-ABL on prognosis and TKI resistance in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients. 


Clinical Medicine (MED)