Nano-Opto Research Group

Our research laboratories comprise of three laboratories: 

    •  Cleanroom and Micro/Nano-fabrication facility - Advanced Lithographic Techniques Laboratory (ALTL)

    Clean room and micro/nano-sized fabrication facility has been established in 2013 with an infrastructure project supported by Development Ministry of Turkish Republic. There are 3 sections in the 100 m2 clean room area; 10, 100 and 1000 classes. These lasers are described by the particle number bigger than 0.5 micron in per cubic feet. Micro/nano-sized fabrication optoelectronic and electronic devices are fabricated using photolithography and dry etching techniques (Focused ion beam and electron beam lithography techniques). SEM, EDS and AFM are also available for structural characterization. For details, please visit Research Facilities section

    • Nano- and Optoelectronic Research Laboratory:

    In this laboratory, experimental facilities exist to investigate electrical, optical and magnetotransport properties of novel semiconductors and devices at temperatures between 1.3K and 300K. The experimental set-ups include magnetotransport, electrical transport, optical characterization (Photoconductivity, photovoltage, reflectivity), I-V measurements, modulation spectroscopy, and photo-induced transient spectroscopy (PITS). 

    • High Magnetic Field and Low-Temperature Laboratory: Magnetotransport measurements are carried out using 7T or 18T superconductive magnets from 10mK to 300K.