General Information


Prof.Dr. Karataş Steinum is a Professor at Faculty of Aquatic Sciences and the head of the Section of Fish Health. She has specialized in fish immunology and carried out related research to study the effect of immuno-stimulants on the non-specific immune system in fish. Furthermore, she has knowledge about/experience with phenotypical bacterial identification, strain typing of bacterial pathogens, taxonomy of emerging bacterial pathogens, detection and characterization of fish pathogenic bacteria. Other areas of interest includes molecular bacterial typing systems, metagenomics analysis of fish/water microbiota, biofilm formation in aquaculture, the use of bacteriophages against fish pathogens and the protective role of fish microbiota against infectious disease.  She has worked as scientific manager or researcher in numerous national and international projects. She has extensive teaching experience at the Faculty of Aquatic Sciences and has also supervised many MSc and PhD students.

In 2005, she did post-doctoral research at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute with the scholarship of TUBITAK-NATO. In 2009, she participated in postdoctoral research, financed by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute.

Institutional Information

Faculty of Aquatic Sciences
Department of Aquaculture and Fish Diseases
Department of Fish Diseases