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Institutional Information: Devlet Konservatuvarı, Müzik Bölümü, Composition And Maestro Art Department
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities, Art, Music, Composition


Born in 1976 in Ankara. He has completed his primary and high school education at Yukselis High School. After the first music lessons from his father who was an amateur musician he started to study piano at Elif-Bedii Aran Piano School with Elif Aran and had his first public performance atFete de la Musiqe, held by French Cultural Cener in 1993. During 2994-1998 he has worked Harmony, Counterpoint and Composition with Bujor Hoinic who was a composer and conductor at State Opera and Ballet and accepted to Theory and Composition department at Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts in 1998. Studied composition with Bujor Hoinic, harmony with Prof. Zarife Bakihanova, Theory and Theory-Solfege with Maria Nowotna, conducting with Elena Puskova and Hakan Kalkan and graduated with honors degree in 2004. Participated in TRT2 recordings of classical music concerts as partitionist and assistant director between 2002-2004. Had his Masters degree on Composition at İstanbul University state Conservatory with  Prof. Emel Çelebioğlu and K.Mete Sakpınar, Sonat Mutver has a variety of compositions including solo, chamber, Symphonic and Choral styles along compositions for film and tv. He is now continuing  his Proficiency in Art nd  lecturing  as Research Assistant at İstanbul University State Conservatory.


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