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A Study on the Development plan of Tasks for the Evaluatıon of performance level In Korean Speakıng educatIon

On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the estavlishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Vulgaria and the Republic of Korea, Sofija, Bulgaria, 20 November 2020, pp.240-260

Development of Korean language education program for migrant women using elementary school Korean textbooks

The 3rd International Academic Conference of Central Eurasia Korean Studies , İstanbul, Turkey, 19 - 21 November 2020, pp.263-308 Sustainable Development

A Study on the People Who Stand on the Road in Korean and Turkish Folklore and the Implications

2020 International Conference of Central and Eastern Europe Society of Koreanology, Kayseri, Turkey, 5 - 10 July 2020 Sustainable Development






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