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Institutional Information: Devlet Konservatuvarı, Müzik Bölümü, Composition And Maestro Art Department
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Dilara Gozde ARAZ; She was born in 1978 in Istanbul. She graduated from Private Saint-Benoit French High School in 1997 and from Marmara University, Faculty of Communication, Radio-TV, Cinema Department in 2001. She studied piano part-time at Istanbul University State Conservatory between 1986-1994. She graduated from the Composition Department of the Composition Department of the Istanbul University State Conservatory, which she was accepted in 2002, in 2005. She completed her master's program in 2008 and proficiency in art in 2012 at the same department. Throughout his education, Prof. Emel Çelebioğlu on harmony, form knowledge and music analysis, professional English, music pedagogy, harmonization in piano, Prof. Reading and playing the score with Ramiz Melik Aslanov, Prof. Instrument knowledge with Kemal Sunder, Prof. Dr. She studied contemporary notation with Özkan Manav, composition, orchestration and counterpoint with Kemal Mete Sakpınar. In addition, since 2003, original and arrangement works have been performed at various events and concerts at home and abroad. She participated in articles, international book chapters, symposium notification studies and academic activities. She is still working at the Istanbul University State Conservatory, where she has been working on a permanent basis since 2005. She is a faculty member and teaches solfege, harmony, form knowledge and general music analysis, basic music theory, and conducts thesis studies as a consultant with undergraduate and proficiency students.


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