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Gizem Bilgin Aytac is an Assistant Professor at Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Political Science and International Relations. She graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Science, Public Administration in 2004. In 2007 she finished her MA in International relations at Marmara University with her thesis “Social and Political Changes in 1970’s Turkey and its Reflections on Turkish Foreign Policy”. She studied at Bologna University, Italy as a visiting scholar in 2012 for seven months with the Turkish government Higher Education Council scholarship. During her thesis, she conducted field research in 2012, Iraq.  She took her Ph.D. degree at Istanbul University with her dissertation titled “Third World Security and Humanitarian Intervention” in 2013.

She is a member of the Women in Foreign Policy. She has local and international manuscripts and book sections. She is now focusing on feminist IR literature, Women, Peace and Security agenda, and Human Security. She gives several graduate and undergraduate lectures: Security Theories, International Relations, Current Issues in IR, Global politics and Women and International Security. 


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