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Institutional Information: School Of Business, Department Of Business Administration, Department Of Organizational Behavior
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities, Psychology, Industry and Organizational Psychology, Behavioural Sciences, Management, Management and Organization, Human Resources Management






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Prof. Dr. Aktaş was born in in 1976 and taken his primary education at the same city.

In 1994 he had graduated from Kuleli Military High School and subsequently in 1998 he had completed Aeronautical Engineering B.Sc. program in Turkish Air Force Academy in Istanbul. In 2003 he had taken his master's degree at Aeronautical Engineering Program in Institute of Science of Istanbul Technical University. Later on in 2004, he had taken his second master's degree in Human Resource Management and Development Program held in Marmara University, Social Science Institute. In 2011, Dr. Aktaş had his doctorate in Organizational Behavior Department in Istanbul University.

During 2002-2012 he had served as an academician in Turkish Air Force Academy. In 2013 he had been appointed as an Assist. Prof. in Faculty of Health Sciences in Bahçeşehir University (Istanbul) and he was Associate Dean of Faculty until 2015.

Since 2015 he has been academician in Istanbul University, School of Business in Organizational Behavior Department. In 2016 Dr. Aktaş had entitled to his Assoc. Prof. degree in "Management and Strategy"  field and in 2023 he had entitled to his Prof. degree in İstanbul University. He published many national and international conference papers, articles, one book and book chapters.

By the time being he has been Editor of Journal of Organizational Behavior Review.

He was the board member of Istanbul University,  School of Business between 2017-2020. Since 2017 he is the board member of Istanbul University, Institute of Aviation Researches.

Dr. Aktaş has been giving undergraduate and graduate courses in Bahçeşehir University and National Defence University Air Force Academy and Atatürk Strategic Research Institute.