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Dr. Ömer KUL

He was born in Arsin/Trabzon in 1973. He finished his primary and secondary education in Trabzon and graduated from the high school in Bursa. He entered the Department of History of Erzurum Atatürk University in 1993 and graduated from there with B.A. degree in 1997. At the same year, he had the right to start the M.A. program in the Department of History at the Institute of Social Sciences in Yüzüncü Yıl University.  He graduated from the M.A. program with his thesis, titled as “Köprülü/Tito-Veles County in the 15th and 16th Centuries”.  He started to work as a research assistant in section of the General Turkish History at the Department of History, in Manisa Celal Bayar University in 2000. He was sent to the Istanbul University for his Ph.D. education according to the article 35 of YOK (The Higher Education Council of Turkey). He finished his Ph.D. education with the thesis, “Osman Batur and History of the Eastern Turkistan’s National Struggle (1911-1955), and got the Ph. D. degree.  He is working as an instructor in the Department of Turkish History in the Institute of Turkish Studies in Istanbul University.  He is, also, the Chairman of İsa Yusuf Alptekin Foundation.

He is working on the Eastern Turkistan and Turkish World.  He attended a lot of TV and radio programs and he has a lot of articles, proceedings and books. He made a lot of speeches about Eastern Turkistan issue.  He is married and has two children.  His printed books are;

  1. Muhteşem Süleyman’ın I. Viyana Kuşatması, BKY, İstanbul 2006.
  2. Şu Pontus Dedikleri, Togan Yay., İstanbul 2008.
  3. Esir Doğu Türkistan İçin-1 İsa Yusuf Alptekin’in Millî Mücadele Hatıraları, Berikan Yay., Ankara 2010.
  4. Esir Doğu Türkistan İçin-2 İsa Yusuf Alptekin’in Millî Mücadele Hatıraları, Berikan Yay., Ankara 2008.
  5. Baturlar: Doğu Türkistan Millî Mücadele Tarihi (1930-1949), Berikan yay., Ankara 2009.
  6. On Yıla Sığan Efsanevi Ömür: Osman Batur Han, Doğu Türkistan Göçmenler Derneği Yayını, İstanbul 2011.
  7. 100 Soruda Doğu Türkistan, Rumuz Yay., İstanbul 2017

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Research Institute of Turkology
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Department of Turkish History


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