Molecular Hematology Working Group

Molecular Hematology Working Group (MOLHEM) has been conducting research activities for a long time within the Genetics Department of Istanbul University, Institute of Aziz Sancar Experimental Medicine Research. Besides Prof. Dr. Muge Sayitoglu and senior post doc researcher Dr. Yücel Erbilgin, PhD candidates and MSc students who are actively continuing their education in the genetics graduate programs are working in the group. Main research areas are rare and complex hematological diseases and primary immune deficiencies. Genome-wide analysis and functional studies on sporadic and hereditary leukemias and lymphomas, high risk leukemias (bi-phenotypic, Ph-like, T-ALL etc.), hereditary anemias, primary immunodeficiencies (severe combined, common variable, complement related etc.) are the main topics of ongoing projects.

Recent Publications