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     Pınar Somakcı, graduated with  honours degree  from the Music Education Department of the Faculty of Education, Selçuk University (Konya). She started to work in the same department  as a research assistant in 1994. She received   her master degree in 1995 from Selçuk University and  her PhD. Degree in 2000 from Gazi University (Ankara). The title of her PhD thesis is “A Systematic Approach To The Teaching Of The Kanun For The Beginners Level In the Music Departments Of Universities”.

 In 1999 she was appointed as a lecturer at Music Education Department of  Gazi Universitiy (Ankara).

In 2001 she started to work as a member of  the academic staff  at Turkısh Music Department of Conservatory of Haliç University (İstanbul). In 2011 She passed the Associated Professorship exam and appointed the Halic University (İstanbul)

In 2014 she appointed to İstanbul University  State Conservatory as a member of  the accademic staff and head of Department of Traditional and Modal Musics of Musicology Department.

    She plays Kanun which is a Traditional Turkish Music Instrument. She had her training in Kanun; with O.  Kürşad Çakır from  Selçuk University during the university years, throughout her master degree programme with Proffessor Erol Deran from İstanbul Technical University, and during her PhD. degree studies with Proffessor Ruhi Ayangil from Yıldız Technical University.

     Since 1990, as a soloist she has performed various recitals in abroad (England, Bahrain, Italy, Poland, Macedonia, Chinia,Barselona,Algeria etc.), and at home (Konya, Kayseri, Ankara, İstanbul etc.)

     She participated in various symposiums and published articles on Turkish Music. She has been put in charge as a soloist in art activities organized by the Ministry of Culture. She has five books:  “Access to Kanun Education” and “Theoretical Information and Solfege of Turkish Classical Music1-2-3-4”.  She recorded three instrumental CDs titled as “Compositions of Cinuçen Tanrıkorur”, “Passion” and  “Dream”.

      She continues to teach “Kanun”, “Theoretic and Solfege of Turkısh Music”, “Methods of Music Education” lessons in the department of  Musicology Department of State Conservatory at İstanbul University  


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